Mission Statement

CIM Group - Hollywood Slum Lord

This website has been set up for the residents of the Hudson Hollywod Apartments (formerly the Hillview Hollywood Apartments) to communicate issues currently going unaddressed around the property. It is also an information source for residents to seek information regarding their rights as tenants under the law.

The Hudon Hollywood tenant forum is run by the residents, for their residence. We are a non hostile organization of current and former residents who want nothing more than to enjoy the property with which they live or who were denied their rights as lawful tenants.

Retaliation and harassment for expressing your views here will not be tolerated. Please feel free to post relevant information either anonymously or not.

Questions or concerns can be sent to the administrator at: HELLVIEWHOLLYWOOD@gmail.com


You have a right to PROPER NOTICE

Management can not retaliate for demanding your rights or notifying other tenants of their rights

The Hudson apartments is a RENT CONTROL building. there are limited reasons rent can be increased, it can only be raised a FIXED percentage determined annually by LA RSO and there are ONLY 12 reasons you can be evicted and strict laws regarding what the landlord may and may not do! Report all suspected violations to http://lahd.lacity.org/lahdinternet/portals/0/rent/rentfrm.pdf or

GOOGLE Los Angeles RENT STABILIZATION it’s easy to submit and is a record which is properly investigated since most tenants have little option other than what Joi Davis claims but is never backed up by someone else with authority of this building.