Are You a Tenant of Hollywood Hillview? Is Your Story Similar?

Below you will find statements from several different tenants who all seem to have the same underlying problem with the new management temporarily placed in the building until a new owner purchases the foreclosure from the bank.

Because manager Joi Davis has a reputation of retaliating against any resident’s who challenges the current incompetents we have removed the names to protect these tenants from unfair and illegal retribution.

If you are a tenant:

Hillview is a RENT CONTROL building. there are limited reasons rent can be increased and ONLY 12 reasons you can be evicted and strict laws regarding what the landlord may and may not do! Report all suspected violations to RENT CONTROL HERE or GOOGLE LOS ANGELES RENT STABILIZATION it’s easy to submit and is a record which is properly investigated since most tenants have little option other than what Joi Davis claims but is never backed up by someone else with authority of this building.


1. Since December Joi has made it impossible for me to pay rent by making numerous demands for various amounts of “rent due”, all contradicting each other, and none of which are correct, while simultaneously refusing to accept “partial payment”.

2. In January, one of these incorrect and legally deficient Three-day Notices was used as the basis to file an Unlawful Detainer action against me. After being served I spoke to Joi who agreed to stop the proceeding if I delivered the undisputed amount of rent due for this year, with the understanding she would then provide an accurate amount that was due from last year (a small amount, about $200), and I would then pay this.

3. Instead, Joi did NOT stop the process, and based on Joi’s false representations to me I was unaware the process was continuing and therefore I did not file a response or show up to defend myself, and a default Judgment was (fraudulently) obtained against me without my knowledge.

4. When I received the Default Judgment, I again spoke to Joi, and again was led to believe that we had worked it out. Joi accepted partial payment, and was to write up a “payment plan” which I agreed to adhere to. However, she then changed the numbers AGAIN, and ALSO added almost $800 in attorneys fees to the amount, which I did NOT agree to (nor could I have since that amount was not available even to Joi at that time).

5. I deleted the fraudulently added attorneys fees and signed the paper. I did so even though the amount of rent due was STILL incorrect by about $35, but it was with the understanding, based on Joi’s misrepresentations, that she would stop the eviction proceedings.

6. After doing so, Joi then RETURNED the money order for the rent she had previously agreed to accept, and informed me that the eviction process was continuing.

7. Since then Joi repeatedly refused to acknowledge that ALL of the Three-day Notices she had served were incorrect, and thus fatally deficient. I have sent numerous letters to the attorneys explaining this, but the process has continued. Neither Joi nor the attorneys will show me how they came up with the various amounts of “rent due”, nor can they since they are all incorrect.

8. Yesterday, the sheriff posted a Notice To Vacate on my door saying I will be forcibly evicted on March 7th.


In September and October of 2009, the noise was becoming increasingly unbearable coming from next door. The music was blaring so loud that the walls and windows vibrated. This is at 1:00am on a weeknight, when I have to get up for work at 7am. The nightclub Jane’s House management felt it was okay to put large speakers in the courtyard and blare them as loud as possible. I made a complaint to the Hillview management manager at the time named Mia. She told me there was already an open police file and she would email me the number. I told her that they need to do something, because I’m not spending $1900 a month to not be able to sleep. She kept telling me that they were working on it. A few weeks later I got a notice on my door saying the building was in receivership and that we were to pay a different company called IPS.

I was concerned because I didn’t have a legally binding lease with IPS and felt that they wanted to continue to gain the benefits of that contract without the responsibilities on their end. It was December 1st when I paid my rent that this whole thing started. I reluctantly made the check out to IPS and they returned it. I had never bounced a check to their corporation. I decided I was going to hold out as long as it took because I was in the right and it was a matter of principle, but after 4 long weeks all I got in response was a 3 day notice.

This infuriated me and I thought, why am I paying rent to a company I have no legal lease with to protect my rights and they can sell out the apartment right from under me any day. I decided to let them sweat it out and screw the late fees. After a few more weeks I began to get notices on my door to enter my premises so potential buyers of the building could see what a furnished unit looked like. On the first occasion complete strangers were walked through my home without any sense of tact.

When I asked Joi, the new “building manager” what this was about, she said she already rented my apartment out and that if I wanted to stay I would have to move into another unit. So after multiple visits of strangers to view my apartment my girlfriend was confronted by a man who handed her an unlawful detainer for me, even though she told him she was not me and wasn’t on the lease. I was told to answer the detainer or be evicted. I filed an answer stating the uninhabitability of the unit due to noise pollution. A court date was set.

Their attorney said we’ll let you stay for 2 and a half more weeks and seal the file so that you don’t get on the black list for bad renters. Since I didn’t really take the time to gather any solid evidence I reluctantly agreed and we settle before going to a trial. The judge asked me if I understood what I was doing and I said yes. I am now regretting that decision and feel like I could have have proven my case and deserved to win, but didn’t have an attorney to give me the proper advice.

One other note, I was perplexed when the unlawful detainer said Hillview Hollywood as the plaintiff instead of IPS.

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