Blue Valley Apartments Operating Illegally in California

To many of your surprise we have learned that the Hillview Hollywood apartments were sold to Blue Valley Apartments LLC. on February 10th 2010.

Yes, you are correct, no notice was given to residents, perhaps in an effort of Robert Warren, his lackey Ghassan EL-Saadi, and Blue Valley to avoid responsibility in what surely has been the most egregious violation of tenant rights ever witnessed by us personally.

According to Los Angeles Superior court judge Kristovich, it is illegal for Blue Valley to operate in California with-out registration to do so with the California Secretary of State and having a registered agent for process with an address in the State of California.

So after a little research we have discovered Blue Valley Apartments LLC to be in violation of many California business laws, and responsible for the illegal practices conducted by R & K Interests, Robert Warren, IPS, Malika Joi Davis, and Sergio Caliz.

It is highly NEGLIGENT for a corporate landlord to allow continued illegal and retaliatory behavior by on-site management after given proper notice on NUMEROUS occasions.

(Click Images to Enlarge)

(Click Images to Enlarge)

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One Response to “Blue Valley Apartments Operating Illegally in California”

  1. bad news for Malika Joi Davis, Robert Warren, and Investors Property Services Says:

    I wonder if Joi Davis, Robert Warren, and IPS gave proper notice to the buyers of the pending legal actions against them. Remember Joi Davis simply lies to everyone when asked about the illegal evictions and claims “oh they were just tenants that didnt pay rent”, completely sidestepping the FACT that she was illegally REFUSING TO ACCEPT THAT RENT so she could evict tenants that she didn’t like or refused her sexual advances, and fraudulently obtaining default judgments by making tenants believe there was no longer court proceedings by sending them messages indicating so IN HER OWN HANDWRITING!!!

    When the lawsuits start rolling these new owners will in turn have a number of causes of action against IPS for the actions of their representative Malika Joi Davis.