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Do You Feel Safe @ The Hudson Hollywood Apartments?

Sunday, August 14th, 2011

Five minutes earlier this suspect in the video was waving and firing a gun into the air!

This video was recorded by a tenant who was assaulted trying to get into the Hudson apartment building at approximately 2:00am during a weeknight. When they were finally able to get inside the building, he was able to capture this footage from the front balcony where dozens of other tenants (who had been awaken by the commotion) were also watching on.

Yet CIM still seems to think the property does not need any onsite security of its own.

Even LAPD Officers Advise Against Renting At The Hudson Apartments

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

LAPD Advises Against Hudson Apartments

A very dissatisfied Hudson Hollywood tenant sent us this screenshot this morning. Seems even LAPD officers warn AGAINST moving into CIM’s lovely Hudson Hollywood apartments.

(click image to enlarge)

Is the Hudson Hollywood Apartment Building Cursed?

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

CIM Hudson Hollywood Fire Emergency

The Hudson Hollywood apartments saw another emergency as Los Angeles firefighters reacted to a crisis in apartment 405 (coincidentally the apartment of CIM’s on-site representative).

One must ask themselves, is this property as cursed as many residents past and present suspect?

CIM Group / Hudson Hollywood Apartments Should Be Ashamed

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

The Hudson Hollywood owners and management, CIM Group attempt to evict tenants with outstanding LAHD violations. This is direct conflict with Los Angeles housing laws.

Apparently they do not believe water poring out of the ceiling in multiple locations is a problem they should be concerned with. Rather then addressing the issue they turned to their Century City attorneys McGuireWoods, which in our opinion serves only to intimidate tenants to abandon the property rather then seeking remedy under the laws and rights afforded tenants in California.


CIM Settles Lawsuit with Tenant

Friday, April 8th, 2011

CIM Settles Lawsuit with Hollywood Tenants

The tenant was represented by Basta, INC. lead counsel Daniel J. Bramzon, who took on the Hollywood real estate giant after a long documented history of building code violations and numerous violation of tenant rights as defined for the RSO and LAHD.

Many residents of the hudson hollywood apartments are still fighting CIM for illegal rent increases (see Rent Control Stabilization Ordinance)

Fighting your landlord is never easy, no matter how right you are (or how wrong they are). Your best bet is to avoid that tenant/landlord relationship all together. Do yourself a favor and look for any other building in the neighborhood instead of the Hudson Hollywood.

Thank you to Curbed LA for covering the plight of these Los Angeles Residents!

Paul Allee Pleads NOT GUILTY to Murder @ Hudson Apartments

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

As reported by Elizabeth Espinosa of KTLA Paul Allee entered a plea of NOT GUILTY in Los Angeles criminal court to charges that he murdered his fiance Enedine Vigil in the 3rd Floor hallway of the Hudson Hollywood apartment building.

Hudson Hollywood Murder Scene

Tenant Murdered in Hallway at Hudson Apartments

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

Swat teams have evacuated the building and a stand-off ensues while the suspect has barricaded himself inside a 3rd floor apartment.

Prosecutors charged Paul with murder Thursday in connection with the slaying of Enedine at their apartment building in the early hours of January 4, 2011. Leaving her body in the 3rd floor hallway and then barricading himself inside to resist police and swat teams.

Paul Matthew Allee, who is being held in lieu of $2 million bail, is scheduled to make his first court appearance Thursday at the downtown Criminal Courts Building.

He is expected to plead not guilty to one count of murder with the special allegation that he personally and intentionally discharged a firearm causing great bodily injury and death to the victim.

For the Full Story as reported by the visitor of a Hudson Tenant  please click HERE!

Hudson Apartment Manager: “This is NOT Luxury”

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

Property manager Malika Joi Davis said it best during a recent resident tour of the Hudson Hollywood (formerly Hillview Hollywood) apartments.

Aspiring Model Chasity Danelle James Arrested for Battery

Friday, October 8th, 2010

Back in July 2010 on the night prior to her employment reassignment Malika Joi Davis was caught placing a letter on tenants doors. She was intoxicated and the letter beyond demeaning/hostile.

This issue was NEVER addressed, with the tenants whose names were included in this heinous letter by incoming management CIM. It was explicitly brought to their attention. (more…)

CIM Group: Hollywood’s Richest Slumlord | Hollywood Hudson Apts

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

Two fed up YouTubians embarrass a City Hall insider into demolishing a shocking hovel

CIM Group Hollywood Slum Lord

LA WeeklyIt’s amazing what persistence, a YouTube video and some well-timed postings on a well-read blog can do these days for neighborhood activists tired of being ignored by City Hall and a very rich, very powerful North American real estate company. Meet Cindy DuHaime and Ziggy Kruse, two women who live in Hollywood, never give up and stick it to the man.

For more than a year, DuHaime has been locked in a battle with CIM group, a real estate investment firm worth more than $1 billion with headquarters in Los Angeles; it owns the Hollywood & Highland shopping center — but also owns derelict, Third World slum–style properties on the northwest corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Western Avenue, including an empty motel known as the Bon-Air and a small apartment building, both of which look bombed-out.

DuHaime lives on a lot behind these filthy, hazardous, broken-down structures that appear to have been struck by a hurricane. She’s been trying to get CIM to board up and secure the properties, and then to finally demolish them. (more…)

CIM Group: Where’s My Property Manager?

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

Residents were given notice back in August regarding the transfer of ownership to CIM group along with an update that the property manager would now be CIM employee Hisako Uyeda.

This would have been great news for the building which was showing many signs of distress due to the management style (or should I say LACK of management style) by Robert Warren, IPS, Malika Joi Davis, and Sergio Caliz.

Unfortunately, Ms. Uyeda has been seen at the property only a handful of times by a few residents and never by many others over the last 3 months. During that time there has been building vandalism and tenants assaulted and battered by some of the crazy people out in the streets early morning (yeah, just like the guy digging through the dumpster every morning).

The back patio lights are out, garbage is constantly strewn around, the lobby chair was vandalized, the Hudson side of the building is now most often used as a toilet for persons to relieve themselves through-out the day. Most recently you could find a pile of vomit by the side entrance of the Hillview for 5 days straight. (more…)

More Police Action @ Hudson Hollywood Apartments

Sunday, September 19th, 2010

Police Action @ Hudson Hollywood Apartments

Historic Hillview Hollywood Renamed “The Hudson Apartments”

Friday, September 17th, 2010

In an attempt to shake all the negative publicity and in our opinion defraud prospective tenants, CIM has taken the great step to rename the “Hillview Hollywood apartments” to the “Hudson Apartments”.

Do not be fooled, other than the change in name, NOT one thing about managements approach to tenant well-being has changed.

Historic Hollywood Hudson Apartments

Hudson Manager Malika Joi Davis Gets Drunk & Snaps On Tenants

Friday, July 9th, 2010

July 09, 2010 – Malika Joi Davis employee of Investor Services Properties and manager of the Hollywood Hillview Apartments (now The Hudson) was caught tonight placing the notice below on residents doors at 12:13am.This most certainly is the bookend capping what has been a PAINFUL residency at the Hillview during Malika’s reign of TERROR!

Copies of the censored (for tenant safety) notice (below) which Malika was caught red handed here placing on tenant doors was found in the elevator and stairwell earlier the same day and brought to the attention of the residents mentioned in it.

Tonight not only was Joi extremely drunk (according to her), but as you can see in the video below she claims that “she knows luxury and the hillview is not luxury”, that she “no longer works here”, and that she “won’t be leaving her “FREE” apartment at the Hillview anytime soon. I don’t know about you, but this is a slap in the face insult to long time tenants who previously enjoyed their residence. (more…)

Janes House Finally Shut Down – Kimoon Kim Loses Lawsuit & Lease

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

Thanks to some VERY persistent tenants in the building and LAPD finishing the work Mia started before she left , there will no longer be a NOISE NUISANCE from Jane’s House.. finally

Yes, that is correct! Notice the moving truck in the photo.

Jane’s House has been closed down permanently, and the owner of the property Mr. Suaya has confirmed with the HHH Tenant forum that NO other nightclub will be taking it’s place.

2010 UCLA Case Study Reveals The Hillview = BAD INVESTMENT

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

Download the FULL report HERE!

Some key factors noted in the report include:

The Hollywood Hillview Apartments (“Hillview” or “the Property”), located at 6531 Hollywood Blvd. in Los Angeles, is offered by “Joe W. Kimaz” at CB Richard Ellis and consists of 54 residential and 3 retail units.

– Based on our assumptions, we find the Hillview property to be an attractive investment at a purchase price at or below $8.5 million. In addition, we recommend to hold the property for no more than 5 years due to the assumption of rising expenses over cash flows from rents.

– Risks to the projected cash flows are numerous. The low vacancy rates and slow rising rents due to rent control and economic conditions must be seriously considered when reviewing the property. We do not see any remaining upside following renovation and restoration of market rents.

– Since this offer price is substantially lower than the last recorded sale of $12.5 million, we find it unlikely it will be accepted. Hillview is an interesting, historic property, but we do not find it an attractive investment opportunity at what we believe will be an acceptable price for the seller.

The building, perhaps from its unique location, sordid history, and/or eclectic demographic has experienced a great deal of tenant involvement in the operations of the apartment property. Among other sources, our research uncovered a tenant blog website at highly critical of the on-site management. From the website, we were able to secure interviews as well as e-mail correspondence with current and former tenants of the building.

Blue Valley Apartments Operating Illegally in California

Monday, May 10th, 2010

To many of your surprise we have learned that the Hillview Hollywood apartments were sold to Blue Valley Apartments LLC. on February 10th 2010.

Yes, you are correct, no notice was given to residents, perhaps in an effort of Robert Warren, his lackey Ghassan EL-Saadi, and Blue Valley to avoid responsibility in what surely has been the most egregious violation of tenant rights ever witnessed by us personally.

According to Los Angeles Superior court judge Kristovich, it is illegal for Blue Valley to operate in California with-out registration to do so with the California Secretary of State and having a registered agent for process with an address in the State of California.

So after a little research we have discovered Blue Valley Apartments LLC to be in violation of many California business laws, and responsible for the illegal practices conducted by R & K Interests, Robert Warren, IPS, Malika Joi Davis, and Sergio Caliz.

It is highly NEGLIGENT for a corporate landlord to allow continued illegal and retaliatory behavior by on-site management after given proper notice on NUMEROUS occasions.

(Click Images to Enlarge)

(Click Images to Enlarge)

Prostitution Operating Out of Hudson Hollywood Apartments

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

While Joi Davis is taking out personal vendettas against various tenant residing at the Hollywood Hillview Apartments, she is turning a blind eye to one very troubling activity taking place on the second floor.

There is a transvestite prostitute running her business and entertaining her clients right here at the Hillview Hollywood Hudson Hollywood Apartments. Screen shots below or you can view yourself even make a reservation at



Joi Davis & Hillview Cited For Building Code Violations

Monday, April 26th, 2010

(click on image for high res version)

Nature of Complaint:

Open plumbing drain line, Plaster/drywall wall/ceiling covering defective, deteriorated, or paint is peeling, Window or door glass cracked, broken, or missing, Emergency escape openings unusable, unopenable, or blocked

Further information or to file a complaint please visit:

The LAHD(LA Housing Department) Property Activity Report showing the history of complaints including the most recent activity (case #294012) which resulted in IPS being cited and fined on 4/22/10 by the building inspector, Woody Woodmancy.

Hudson Hollywood / Janes House Noise Nuisance Issue

Saturday, April 17th, 2010

Regarding the ongoing aggravated noise nuisance from Jane’s House Nightclub (4 nights per week since 4/1/09)

According to Officer Ruisett there have been numerous noise complaints against Jane’s House nightclub dating back to April of last year. At that time, he had been dealing with Mia the previous building manager who had established open lines of communication and had a mutual goal of having the nightclub closed down.

Since Mia’s departure in November of 2009, Officer Ruisett has had no communication with Hollywood Hillview Management other than on two occasions. Based on the number of complaints against Jane’s House, Officer Ruisett reached out to Joi Davis who assumed the position of Hollywood Hillview Building Manager in November of 2009, to establish a system for documenting the noise complaints, he even gave her his cell phone number. (more…)


Sunday, March 14th, 2010

This is the exact reason tenants should be warned of recent criminal activity that has infiltrated the building. It is also why the CAMERAS should always be in working order for resident safety!

click thru for more pictures (more…)

Someone Attempts to Kick in Door of Second Floor Apartment

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

The police were not notified but Jimmy was. Residents please be aware of others coming into the building w/o keys and report any suspicious activity to Jimmy or the police.

Did Hudson Management Notify You of the Recent Sexual Assault?

Sunday, March 7th, 2010

Receiver Robert Warren Leaves Historic Hollywood Hillview to Incompetent Management

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

Recently a Hollywood historic landmark, the Hillview Hollywood apartment building has been forced into foreclosure by the bank. It seems the former owners ran into some financial trouble within their various holdings and they were forced to turn the landmark once owned by Charlie Chaplin back over to the bank. This is when the trouble started.

The bank turned management over to little know property management company IPS who then installed new comer Joi Davis as the properties new manager or as she likes to refer to herself as the community director, and direct she has.

Joi davis brings with her little to no experience with property management. She immediately took a free luxury apartment and began entertaining her various beaus. She has managed to alienate almost all the residence, maintenance of the building has all but stopped. Real building issues and problems are swept under the rug while the focus is only on selling the building so the bank no longer has to hold the asset and so they can recoup their losses which will actually turn into profits.

The building is now rampant with drug use, people snorting cocaine on the building balconies, homeless persons sleeping on the roof and urinating around the building. Rent costs have been lowered beyond levels ever scene by residence who have occupied the building for many years. A long term tenant is being charged top dollar while new “temporary” residence are moved in below costs so the building appears to be full.

Messing with numbers is not new to IPS or Joi Davis. Their so called specialty is to turn buildings around and getting them sold. BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY and at ALL COST!

Potential buyers should beware. The 3 retail locations in the building have been shuttered for over a year now and people are running away from this property which is a sad sad story about a property with such a rich history!