Hudson Hollywood / Janes House Noise Nuisance Issue

Regarding the ongoing aggravated noise nuisance from Jane’s House Nightclub (4 nights per week since 4/1/09)

According to Officer Ruisett there have been numerous noise complaints against Jane’s House nightclub dating back to April of last year. At that time, he had been dealing with Mia the previous building manager who had established open lines of communication and had a mutual goal of having the nightclub closed down.

Since Mia’s departure in November of 2009, Officer Ruisett has had no communication with Hollywood Hillview Management other than on two occasions. Based on the number of complaints against Jane’s House, Officer Ruisett reached out to Joi Davis who assumed the position of Hollywood Hillview Building Manager in November of 2009, to establish a system for documenting the noise complaints, he even gave her his cell phone number.

When Officer Ruisett and the LAPD continued to receive noise complaints against Jane’s House, and no calls from Joi Davis, he called her office number and left 4 voicemail messages over the course of a one and a half month period. Upon no callback from Joi Davis, Officer Ruisett assumed that the complaints were mitigated between IPS the current building management company, current tenants and Jane’s House.

Several tenants were told by Joi Davis during this one and a half month time frame, that she was dealing directly with Officer Ruisett from the LAPD NET team, keeping a journal of the noise complaints and ensuring tenants management was taking steps to eliminate the noise.

Based on the number of complaints LAPD had received from November 2009 to January of 2010, Officer Ruisett reached out to Joi Davis again. He spoke with her in early January and informed her that there had been numerous complaints since their first conversation in early November, and something had to be done about the problem. Joi Davis agreed to meet with Officer Ruisett on January 15, 2010, to assist him in filing a complaint against Jane’s House that would result in the arrest of the owner or manager of the club.

Upon arrival on the night of 1/15/10, as agreed upon with Joi, Officer Ruisett and his team were told by Joi by telephone that she was not on property or available to assist them in filing the complaint. Joi asked Officer Ruisett to call the maintenance supervisor Jimmy, to be allowed in the building.

At that point Officer Ruisett knocked on the first apartment door he saw and asked the tenant if they had a problem with the noise from Jane’s House. The tenant confirmed the ongoing noise nuisance and therefore Officer Ruisett was able to arrest the owner of Jane’s House Nightclub for Noise Nuisance.

Officer Ruisett confirmed that the only other communication he has received from Joi Davis were recent voicemail messages left while he was on vacation. We believe that Joi is only making an effort to appear concerned upon learning about pending lawsuits against her and IPS for negligence and breach of contract, quiet enjoyment and habitability.

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2 Responses to “Hudson Hollywood / Janes House Noise Nuisance Issue”

  1. beverly hills Says:

    the only thing malika joi davis cares about is renting out apartments so that she can keep collecting her commission. lazy.

  2. DJ Pope Says:

    This shithole is on it’s way to being shut down!!