CIM Group: Where’s My Property Manager?

Residents were given notice back in August regarding the transfer of ownership to CIM group along with an update that the property manager would now be CIM employee Hisako Uyeda.

This would have been great news for the building which was showing many signs of distress due to the management style (or should I say LACK of management style) by Robert Warren, IPS, Malika Joi Davis, and Sergio Caliz.

Unfortunately, Ms. Uyeda has been seen at the property only a handful of times by a few residents and never by many others over the last 3 months. During that time there has been building vandalism and tenants assaulted and battered by some of the crazy people out in the streets early morning (yeah, just like the guy digging through the dumpster every morning).

The back patio lights are out, garbage is constantly strewn around, the lobby chair was vandalized, the Hudson side of the building is now most often used as a toilet for persons to relieve themselves through-out the day. Most recently you could find a pile of vomit by the side entrance of the Hillview for 5 days straight.

Apartments have uninhabitable conditions, leaking pipes and air conditions. There are numerous Los Angeles Housing Department complaints and citations many of which are not even being addressed.

For several months now garbage has remained strewn along the roof-top, bottles, banana peels, cigarette butts, and empty bags.

The building and apartments are infested with drain flies (GROSS).

Anyone who is located on the Hudson, or facing Hollywood can attest to the noise issues. They exceed habitable levels and most residents have received double pane windows to help correct this. They do a very good job of reducing the noise. but they only work if management installs them. Some residents have attested that previous management (before Malika) had started to install the double pane windows but in some instances they didn’t complete or never even started. Many residents received rent concessions just to satisfy the dealing with the GREAT amount of noise coming from Hollywood/Hudson.

All of this and not only is Hisako not on site to address these issues, but if you try and call the Hillview management number you are only greeted with a voice-mail that sends you to a host of other voice-mails. NONE actually get you to a live person. In addition when these issues have been brought up to Hisako perhaps by email, a response is never received and the issues never addressed.

So I ask, Where is My Property Manager Hisako Uyeda.

They should bring Jimmy back ASAP!!!

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22 Responses to “CIM Group: Where’s My Property Manager?”

  1. Paul Allee Says:

    For tenants curious as to why their recent LADWP bill was twice the amount this month as all other months, the answer is simple: There is NO property manager on site!!

    I spoke with a representative from LADWP who confirmed that July/August bills had to be estimated, as their meter reader was not able to gain access to the meter boxes as needed. Therefore, in some cases the bills were estimated low for that cycle, leaving a much higher usage for the September/October billing period.

    My reason for concern with the electric bill stemmed from the ongoing electrical issues in the building with faulty wiring. I change the lightbulbs in my apartment at lease every two weeks in each room. Most recently the living room lightbulb “popped” and broke inside the fixture. The same thing happened in the kitchen above the stove.

    Similar complaints about absentee management have been made by FedEx, UPS and other couriers.

    The old policy (prior to 11/09), was to ring management from the call box to be allowed in the building. The callbox, rarely works. By law, apartments with 16 or more units are REQUIRED to have a RESPONSIBLE PARTY residing upon the property with contact details available by posting in a conspicuous place.

    With so many issues and no property manager, I can only conclude that the new management is not concerned about the tenants well being in the Hillview (Hudson) property. I no longer feel safe living here, as this building is full of accidents waiting to happen.

  2. Paul Allee Says:

    One of my laptops fried from a power surge.. DO NOT plug computers or other expensive electrical equipement directly into the wall. Always use a surge protector.

    I was also informed that another tenant in the building had the same thing happen to his new Macbook.

  3. Horsely A. Says:

    the front balcony lights have been burned out for 4 months now!

  4. Horsely A. Says:

    graffiti on the awning (hudson side of HH)

  5. HHM Says:

    No Hot water for everyone in the building oct 28th & 29th.. No notice to residents and no-one on-site to address resident concerns

  6. HHM Says:

    2nd call box is broken, no one can buzz in the building

  7. HHM Says:

    gas man unable to get in for tenant units because no representative of the building is on premises.

  8. true blue Says:

    mail not forwarded

  9. true blue Says:


  10. HHM Says:

    front balcony lights burned out now for 6 months with-out replacement

  11. DJC Says:


    If you wish to file a complaint regarding potential code violation on a private property, you may do so by using this website or calling 311.

    The Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety is responsible for investigating code violations on existing single family residential, commercial, industrial and vacant buildings inside the City of Los Angeles.

    For service requests regarding properties with two or more dwelling units (duplexes and apartment buildings), please contact the Los Angeles Housing Department at (866) 557-7368.

    For service requests regarding graffiti or assistance with removal, please contact Los Angeles Office of Community Beautification or call 311.

    For service requests regarding abandoned, inoperative or junk vehicles, please call 311.

    The following information is required when submitting a service request:

  12. ArdmoreAnonymous Says:

    GREAT blog! We are right up the street from you in another CIM “managed” building, the Hollywood Ardmore at Whitley and Franklin. Hisako is also our manager, and we have heard many similar complaints here regarding her and her team’s unavailablity and/or outright unresponsiveness…times ten.

    BEST OF LUCK getting action. We are organizing due to the construction and other potentially illegal tactics and activities CIM seems to be engaged in, so would be glad to share info and experiences if you’d like.

  13. HHM Says:

    yes! thank you, the tenants here have worked hard to focus this website on the issues at hand and to try and receive fair treatment from SLUM LORDS.

    Hisako is no longer the property manager. Elizabeth Linebach is and she is just as absent as Hisako was before her.

    CIM sucks! they have ruined the building furtehr than the monstrous interm owners/managers.

    further more they are pushing out all tenants who have lived here for years, raising their rent and refusing to renew lease while moving new people in at much less the cost.

    CIM Sucks!

  14. HHM Says:

    oh and def call Basta if you find yourself being ILLEGALLY evicted.. Just tell them Steven Tyler sent you!

  15. Anonymous Says:

    @ArdmoreAnonymous you were talking (via phone and email) to paul in the days before he committed murder.

    Please if you have any information to his state of mind or anything relevant that may help the investigation please call Det. Gable at 213-972-2901

  16. Hollywoodhillviewapartments Says:


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  17. m s Says:

    Thinking about moving in. Advice?

  18. HHM Says:

    yeah, don’t…. or if you do have alarm installed and get your earplugs ready to sleep with

  19. tentative Says:

    the units are nice: just saw one today: how much do your electric/water bills run…and has management improved at allll? is it really that noisy and bad?

  20. RE Says:

    units are very cool with all amenities… You probably dont want to be on the hudson side as its very loud. 3rd or 4th floor is cool a little more quite. If your off hollywood the noise is criminal Wednesday through Saturday. Street cleaner starts at 5am garbage trucks and the sidewalk is pressure cleaned every night at 3am.

    Management is less than helpful with anything, all they care about is $$$$$. They ignore housing law, rent control laws.

    CIM = BAD!!!!

  21. tentative Says:

    thank you so much for all the info! hmmm: i am going back tomorrow and IF i decide (i’m 50/50 now: the convenience of the units is what sold me) to rent here….thank you for the fair warnings!

  22. Truth Says:

    bottom line is if you have a dispute or problem with management you are F*****!