Janes House Finally Shut Down – Kimoon Kim Loses Lawsuit & Lease

Thanks to some VERY persistent tenants in the building and LAPD finishing the work Mia started before she left , there will no longer be a NOISE NUISANCE from Jane’s House.. finally

Yes, that is correct! Notice the moving truck in the photo.

Jane’s House has been closed down permanently, and the owner of the property Mr. Suaya has confirmed with the HHH Tenant forum that NO other nightclub will be taking it’s place.

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3 Responses to “Janes House Finally Shut Down – Kimoon Kim Loses Lawsuit & Lease”

  1. miss t. Says:

    congrats tenants. sleep well. :)

  2. Paul Allee Says:

    It is so nice to have peace and quiet back…well ALMOST!!

    It will be the best day ever, when IPS and Malikai Joi are kicked out just like Jane’s House… YAAAAY.. The end of the dark ages, and the Hillview will be restored to it’s former gilded glory!!!

  3. Chuck Wilson Says:

    The tennats and LAPD have nothing to do with Janes House being shut down. The place went Bankrupt. If the business was thriving trust me it would still be open.