Hudson Manager Malika Joi Davis Gets Drunk & Snaps On Tenants

July 09, 2010 – Malika Joi Davis employee of Investor Services Properties and manager of the Hollywood Hillview Apartments (now The Hudson) was caught tonight placing the notice below on residents doors at 12:13am.This most certainly is the bookend capping what has been a PAINFUL residency at the Hillview during Malika’s reign of TERROR!

Copies of the censored (for tenant safety) notice (below) which Malika was caught red handed here placing on tenant doors was found in the elevator and stairwell earlier the same day and brought to the attention of the residents mentioned in it.

Tonight not only was Joi extremely drunk (according to her), but as you can see in the video below she claims that “she knows luxury and the hillview is not luxury”, that she “no longer works here”, and that she “won’t be leaving her “FREE” apartment at the Hillview anytime soon. I don’t know about you, but this is a slap in the face insult to long time tenants who previously enjoyed their residence.

This woman is a THREAT to all tenants, in the video below she makes numerous threats to the person who caught her saying, “good luck, your going to need it.” among other things. The fact that after LOSING a lawsuit brought against IPS by a current tenant for HARASSMENT & RETALIATORY EVICTION for Joi’s extremely unprofessional management style. They continue to allow this loose cannon to roam with impunity.

(click image to enlarge)

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Tags: hollywood hillview, joi davis, robert warren, sergio caliz

5 Responses to “Hudson Manager Malika Joi Davis Gets Drunk & Snaps On Tenants”

  1. As a Business Person Says:

    AS A BUSINESS PERSON, you should

    1. Have the ability to construct clear, concise sentences.
    2. Have the ability to SPELL.
    3. Have the ability to perform your duties in a professional manner.
    4. Have the ability to keep your dignity as opposed to slandering tenants.
    5. Have the ability to refrain from wandering around the premises like a bipolar, drunk vagrant.
    6. Have the ability to hold your liquor…what, was the Alize too much for ya, honey?

    Congratulations Tenants, there should be no problem proving your cases now that this woman has shown her true colors.

  2. I Wish There Was A "LIKE" button for this post! Says:

    she has got to be the most ignorant person in all of creation.

  3. Paul Allee Says:


    What did the bird say when it saw Malika’s shoes and outfit?

    Cheap, Cheap, Cheap…

  4. New tenant Says:

    How are the apartments now?

  5. HHM Says:

    ineffective management, noisy and dirty construction and some tenants belong in a dorm, cuz thats how they treat the Hillview (oops the hudson)