Aspiring Model Chasity Danelle James Arrested for Battery

Back in July 2010 on the night prior to her employment reassignment Malika Joi Davis was caught placing a letter on tenants doors. She was intoxicated and the letter beyond demeaning/hostile.

This issue was NEVER addressed, with the tenants whose names were included in this heinous letter by incoming management CIM. It was explicitly brought to their attention.

This followed 2 months later by a battery of another tenant while walking to their car, they were attacked by a woman who according to CIM representative “Tamra” is squatting with Steven Tyler in a 1st floor apartment at the Hudson.

Police records will document the arrest of a Ms. Chasity James on September 20, 2010 for assault. A temporary restraining order was issued that day.

Chasity was also charged and arrested for stalking and making criminal threats to an urban blogger who has his offices located at the Hudson apartments.

The extensive but not complete criminal arrest record of Chasity James aka Chasity Danelle below:

Chasity Danelle James Extensive Arrest Record

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4 Responses to “Aspiring Model Chasity Danelle James Arrested for Battery”

  1. tentative Says:

    this is scary! does this crazy squatter still live at the hudson?! WHERE is security/management?

  2. RE Says:

    There is not security, management is rarely here, only a leasing agent. Hudson alley is very dangerous with homeless and people who live at the assisted living home just behind.

    Scary squatter should be leaving soon or so we’ve been told.

  3. tentative Says:

    yikes….i was going to go put a deposit tomorrow: having serious doubts….how much do maintenance fees come to roughly? apologies for all the questions; i feel this site is more truthful than what meets the eye! i was told $50/month for the studio….

  4. TRUTH Says:

    no maintenance fees!

    Power on 2 br is about $225 every 2 months ($112 per month) so one br could reasonable be $50 or $60 per month.

    water is included with apt

    cable/internet depends on the services you choose.