Noise Nuisance & Habitability Issues – Hudson Hollywood Apartments

The attached information has been complied for anyone who feels their tenant rights are being violated by the current management (IPS) after their take-over of the Hillview Hudson Hollywood.

Many of you have not received double pane windows to correct the noise problem from Jane’s House as promised, and have every right to receive them. By completing the attached Habitability Checklist, your concerns will be reported to the Los Angeles Building Inspector who will take action to ensure that any problems with your apartment are corrected. There may also be other problems with your apartment that you may have assumed were your responsibility, when in actuality it is management’s responsibility to ensure that you are paying for an apartment that is habitable as defined by the law.

Please complete the attached Habitability Checklist and return it to the LA Building Inspector. Be sure to include the names of each tenant, address and sign the form before returning it. All copies of Uninhabitable Conditions Checklists will be provided to each tenant for their court date in the event they would like to proceed with a small claims lawsuit against IPS.

All tenants who are unhappy with the current management are encouraged to submit a signed statement explaining their experience since the IPS takeover to include any violation of California Tenant Rights. If you are comfortable sharing these with other residents going to court with IPS please let us know.

Habitability Checklist

Uninhabitable Conditions Form

Uninhabitable Conditions Information

If you would like to sue IPS in Small Claims Court for a violation of your rights, breach of contract or uninhabitable conditions, use the attached small claims packet that explains everything in detail.

The correct defendant information for lawsuits against IPS is as follows:

R&K Interests, Inc., a corporation
DBA Investors Property Services
27042 Towne Centre Dr., Ste. 250
Foothill Ranch, CA 92610

No attorneys are allowed in Small Claims Court making it very easy and affordable.

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