Paul Allee Pleads NOT GUILTY to Murder @ Hudson Apartments

As reported by Elizabeth Espinosa of KTLA Paul Allee entered a plea of NOT GUILTY in Los Angeles criminal court to charges that he murdered his fiance Enedine Vigil in the 3rd Floor hallway of the Hudson Hollywood apartment building.

Hudson Hollywood Murder Scene

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4 Responses to “Paul Allee Pleads NOT GUILTY to Murder @ Hudson Apartments”

  1. tentative Says:

    omg! seriously rethinking moving here….i spoke with the leasing agent today and she mentioned the hudson has a great ‘conceirge’ and valet parking: please honestly respond if this is true or not….thank you!

  2. RE Says:

    NO VALET SORRY! Please feel free to ask the parking attendant for yourself.. I believe according to them they will pull your car out (if they are working as they often close at midnight) but its not a pull up and get out or call down and have your car fetched type of place..

    Concierge is located a mile away and the services are undefined… Dont bank on those amenities.

  3. tentative Says:

    thank you! i was lied to today….i didn’t even SEE a pkg attendant….horrible because the apts are so esthetically beautiful. ensuite laundry was a HUGE selling point…

  4. TRUTH Says:

    Yeah there is always 1 person working the parking lot (unassociated w/ building/owners).

    Safety has been an issue for several years now. Sexual assault occurred right behind the building in dec 2009.

    Parking attendant was robbed also that year.

    Someone attempted to kick in someones door on the 2nd floor. Although I am told that they think it was the person above thems boytfriend playing some role playing games…

    Safety is NOT good around here, but yes the units are exceptionally designed.

    I have never wanted to move from some place more then I want to leave here.