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Is Robert Warren @ IPS Defrauding Hillview Hollywood Tenants?

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

We have been told by a handful of residents, that they have been told by Joi that she (Joi) would not accept rent payments made out to Hillview Hollywood (or any form thereof) and they needed to instead submit payment to IPS with no mention of Hillview in several instances Joi demanded it in the form of a cashiers check or money order.

The problem with that is that there would not be documented proof that the payment was indeed to the “Historic Hollywood Hillview Operating Account”, as listed above in the example of a REAL canceled rent payment which was made payable to Hillview Hollywood and not IPS.

To the knowledge of the HH tenant forum, no formal or informal notice has been given to tenants which requests a change of payment policy (or any policy changes for that matter).

If you are someone who made payment to IPS and you have the cleared check bearing the endorsement as shown in the picture above. Please review it and verify for us that it was deposited into the account as listed above or if it was credited to anotherĀ  account.

It would be very damaging to see that it was in fact being deposited into another account and therefore not properly credited to the actual operating account of Hillview suggesting that the bank and courts were being defrauded or even the new owners Blue Valley who had title to Hillview Hollywood transferred to them in February 2010.

It is our belief that something more dubious is at hand here and we will continue to investigate the matter. There must be a reason for the obvious lack of concern by the higher ups involved at every aspect of this temporary receivership.