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Are You a Tenant of Hollywood Hillview? Is Your Story Similar?

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

Below you will find statements from several different tenants who all seem to have the same underlying problem with the new management temporarily placed in the building until a new owner purchases the foreclosure from the bank.

Because manager Joi Davis has a reputation of retaliating against any resident’s who challenges the current incompetents we have removed the names to protect these tenants from unfair and illegal retribution.

If you are a tenant:

Hillview is a RENT CONTROL building. there are limited reasons rent can be increased and ONLY 12 reasons you can be evicted and strict laws regarding what the landlord may and may not do! Report all suspected violations to RENT CONTROL HERE or GOOGLE LOS ANGELES RENT STABILIZATION it’s easy to submit and is a record which is properly investigated since most tenants have little option other than what Joi Davis claims but is never backed up by someone else with authority of this building.